Kermit Engh
Kermit EnghPresident/CEO
Kermit is the President/CEO and is also business partners with his daughter Audra. Kermit has been in the dry cleaning industry since 1992. He first decided to get involved in textile restoration after his Laundromat burnt down in 1993. Due to the severity of the loss, he lost the business and was left with the desire to help people in his situation get back on their feet. Kermit is very well known and respected in the dry cleaning industry across the country. His knowledge along with his desire to provide our customers with the highest quality service has proven successful over the years.

Kermit has been married for 38 years. He has 2 daughters, 1 son and 3 grandchildren. In his spare time, Kermit enjoys traveling, taking BBQ classes and boating.

Audra Gude
Audra GudeManaging Partner
Audra has been with FRSTeam since April 2008 as the Managing Partner. She oversees the operations for all 3 offices in Omaha, Des Moines and Kansas City. Audra also handles the sales in Nebraska. Being business partners with her father, she has been able to follow in his footsteps of building a team that is passionate about the industry, our customers and most importantly, our team. Audra’s love for this industry centers around the ability to help people through a tough situation and being able to give them a piece of normalcy after a traumatic event.

Audra has been married for 4 years and has 2 daughters. She graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University with degrees in Elementary Education and Special Education, specializing in behavior disorders. Audra grew up in the dry cleaning industry, and did her first pack out at 15, so she brings extensive knowledge to the team, customers and insurance adjusters. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.