About Us

FRSTeam by Fashion Cleaners is dedicated to minimizing
the impact of any loss for all parties concerned.

For the restoration contractor, our prompt response and professionalism take away the worries restoring clothing, window coverings, bedding, linens and other household textiles.

For the insurance company, FRSTeam by Fashion Cleaners provides valuable restoration services at a cost far less than replacement. Most importantly, to the insured, we can successfully clean and restore wardrobes to pre-loss conditions.

FRSTeam by Fashion Cleaners maintains its commitment to the restoration and insurance industries by continually researching and innovating restoration solutions. Our unique, state-of-the-art facilities are capable of successful cleaning, restoration and storage of large volumes of garments and other fabric items. From dry cleaning to laundry, from odor removal to mold remediation, we have the right equipment to get the job done.

Our most valuable asset is our employees. We strive to maintain the highest standards in training and fabric restoration expertise. Continual training ensures that our staff consistently provides excellent customer service. Flexibility allows us to customize our services to accommodate any need, large or small. Our dedicated employees demonstrate pride and caring in every job we do.

Key Performance Points

  • FRSTeam National 24-hour Claims Referral Hotline: 866-374-3778 (24/7/365 claims dispatch.)
  • On-site Documentation with extensive photos, measurements, notation of pre-existing stains or specific damage. Detailed inventory prepared at facility unless on-site inventory is requested.
  • Automatic email notifications sent to primary contact at each key step of job process – with time stamp.
  • Emergency cleaning order delivery by next business day (some exceptions on weekends, pick ups made later in the day, extended deodorization time requirements, or CAT events.)
  • Invoice sent within three business days after pack-out.
  • A separate, detailed listing of any non-restorable items taken in pack-out will be provided.
  • Guaranteed results (If items do not clean satisfactorily, cleaning charge will be removed from the bill.)
  • Free storage for up to three months.
  • Customer satisfaction measurement on all jobs.